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Using Culturally Relevant Pedagogy to Make Social Studies More Meaningful

Natalie Mendoza Gutierrez

Natalie Mendoza Gutierrez

Assistant Professor of History
Boulder, Colorado

Dr. Natalie Mendoza is an assistant professor of history at the University of Colorado Boulder. She is a historian of the United States who specializes in the history of Mexican America. In addition to studying the past, Natalie has an active research agenda in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in History (HistorySOTL), a body of literature that uses theoretical and evidence-based research to examine the discipline-specific problems in history education. Natalie relied upon her expertise in both history and HistorySOTL to direct the History Teaching & Learning Project (2017-2019) at CU-Boulder, a department-wide effort to improve undergraduate curriculum.



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Culturally-relevant pedagogy is focused on reflecting on one’s teaching practices in order to inspire students to “do democracy” and allows students to see themselves and others in what they’re learning and doing. One element of creating culturally-relevant pedagogy is the promotion of authentic assessments; ones that will develop students’ “knowledge and engagement with local and broader issues in the present that matter to them, that impact their lives”.

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