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The Other 99%

Ane Lintvedt

Ane Lintvedt

9th Grade World History Teacher (Onlevel and Honors), 10th Grade World History Teacher (Onlevel), AP World History Teacher (10th Grade)
Baltimore, MD

MA in History from Johns Hopkins, teach History at McDonogh School for 30+ years. Member, Executive Council of World History Assoc., WHA Pioneer in World History Award 2013. Part of College Board/ETS AP World History committees, scoring of exams since 2002. Panel member at AHA, WHA, NCSS conferences. Taught many interdisciplinary courses, including Big History. Pilot teacher for OER World History Project.

Video description

In the 21st century, we need to move past the concept of a survey history course, especially World History, as the success stories of the ruling elites. Our students need to hear their people’s stories, illustrated with agency and accomplishments. Our students need to see their stories matter. And they need to understand that all people’s stories matter. Despite the difficulties of finding non-elite sources, teachers can use essential questions, non-text readings, and creative ways of deconstructing texts and documents to refocus attention on the stories of the other 99%.

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When: 07/21/2020 - 12:00am
Duration: 14:29
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