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Mongols: 0, Dai Viet: 3 Correcting the Historical Record

Shannon Bush

Shannon Bush

Managing Director, Southeast Asia Center (UW)
Seattle, WA

Shannon Bush is the Managing Director of the University of Washington’s Southeast Asia Center, a National Resource Center funded by the US Department of Education to provide resources both on and off campus for the purpose of internationalizing American education. She received her MA in Southeast Asia Studies from UW’s Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies.

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In 1258, Möngke Khan demanded passage through the Kingdom of Đại Việt (which would expand to become today’s Vietnam) in order to attack the Southern Song from Yunnan. The Trần Emperor refused, setting the stage for an invasion which proved to be the Mongols’ first defeat. Kublai Khan invaded two more times, in 1285 and 1287, both unsuccessfully. The Trần Dynasty’s victories have been summed up this way: “For 30 years, the half-a-million strong Mongol cavalry was held at bay by a small nation of less than 5 million and an army of less than 200,000 soldiers.”

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