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Fostering Natural Masculinity in Adolescent Boys

Jerome Hunter

Jerome Hunter

Co-Founder & Middle School Teacher
Seattle, WA

Jerome Hunter is the co-founder and head of academics at Seattle School for Boys, which encourages and inspires students to become compassionate and intellectual leaders. A proponent of healthy boyhood and its importance in an equitable society, Jerome believes that young men can move beyond the confines of traditional masculinity and toward a holistic version of themselves. After teaching humanities in Seattle Public Schools and volunteering with My Brother’s Keeper, Jerome was driven to address the unique challenges facing boys today. Seattle School for Boys is in its inaugural year and serves a diverse community of middle-school-aged boys in the Central District.

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Middle school boys crave compassion. This presentation addresses the unique challenges facing boys today and shares actionable strategies that can be implemented inside and outside of the classroom.

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When: 07/28/2020 - 1:33pm
Duration: 11:24
Language: English