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OER Project

Passionate about teaching history? Awesome. OER Project is a family of free, online history courses for middle and high school classrooms everywhere. Students relive the past, rethink the present, and reimagine the future. History becomes usable.

OER Project Community

Big History Project (BHP)

13.8 billion years of mind-growing history. Introduce your middle- and high-school students to a social studies curriculum that harnesses their natural curiosity about our world. Using a wealth of scaffolds and tools, students not only build writing and critical thinking skills; they also develop a framework to organize and connect what they’re learning across disciplines.

World History Project (WHP)

Because World History shouldn’t be boring. A free, online course that meets high school World History standards, WHP uses diverse narratives to engage high school students in problem solving and connection making, preparing them to tackle advanced studies and big questions in the future. Students don’t just passively learn facts—they become historians.